Tuesday, 4 January 2011

At my garden today...

Thanks to my dad and mum, who bought me a new phone, I "Alex", have recorded on my phone a lot of bird calls and for the first time, I used it to take some photos, but there were some birds I couldn't take a photo of, these birds are:

Oh it was cooold!!

·Pica Pica
·One bird so I have a photo but I can't identificate it, it looks like it is bigger than an Alauda Arvensis, and the same colour. I put the photo up and I hope  someone could tell me what is it. Email to alex@mundoparquet.com.

·Turdus Philomelos
·Phylloscopus Collybita


White Wagtail

Yellow Wagtail

Sylvia Communis

Spotless Starling

House Sparrow


Upupa Epops

Sylvia Melancocephala

Sylvia Atricapilla

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