Monday, 25 April 2011

Ringig with Pere Josa at "Riet Vell"

Hi everybody, the 23th April 2011, I went to ring birds in Riet Vell, and that was an espectacular day, the previous day, had been raining, and it was windy. Thats the perfect day for watch/ring birds. After this day i tried to convince my parents, for they leave me go the Sunday, and i did it (studing). The Sunday, at the first time, that was good, there were some birds but then it started to make wind, and then to rain. There was practicaly nothing  at the nets.

All the Birds we catched :

The Saturday:

·Phylloscopus Trochillus 11
·Erithecula Rubecula 1
·Sylvia Borin 3 One with a ring of the north of Alemane
·Sylvia Communis 1
·Phylloscopus Silbatrix 3 A little rare in Catalunya
·Passer Domesticus 1
·Serinus Serinus 1 Female with incubatrice plaque
·Lanius Senator 2 One catch me with his peak
·Acrocephalus Arundinaceus 1
·Phoenicurus Phoenicurus1

The Sunday:

·Motacilla Flava Thunbergi 2 Maybe one Feldeg
·Acrocephalus Arundianaceus 3
·Gallinula Cloropha 1 Rare and diffucult to catch with nets
·Hirundo Rustica 1
·Phylloscopus Trochillus11
·Serinus Serinus 1 One male really yellow 
·Ficedula Hypoleuca 1
·Passer Montanus 2 I supose to: one male and one female
·Phoenicurus Phoenicurus 1 Female
·Phyllocopus Collybita 1 One of the lasts in Catalunya this spring
·Sylvia Borin 1

Some birds I saw in Riet vell were:

:Plegadis Falcinellus
·Larus audoiini
·Larus ridibundus
·Anas Platyphorus
·Egretta Garzeta
·Bulbucus Ibis
·Ardeola Ralloides
·Porphyrio Porphyrio
·Fulica Altra
·Phoenicopterus Ruber
And others waders.

Some Pictures:

                                                                       Sylvia Borin

Sylvia Communis

Cisticola Jundicis

Phylloscopus Trochilus

Comparaision of Trochilus and Silbatrix

Phylloscopus Silbatrix

Passer Domesticus

Phoenicurus Phoenicurus

Serinus Serinus

Lanius Senator
Right: Male Left: Female

Motacilla Flava thumbergi

Acrocephalus Arundinaceus

Gallinula Chloropus

Hirundo Rustica

Serinus Serinus (beatiful male)

Ficedula Hypoleuca

Passer Montanus

Phoenicurus Phoenicurus

Phylloscopus Collybita


  1. What do you think about this post?

  2. You ringed and saw some very nice birds Alex. Let's see if I can cam come to the Delta de L'Ebre one of these days.

    PS: Do you know anything about Cristian Jensen?

  3. Thanks Nico, I think so he's now making the travel Extremadura-Doñana. Well I had see your blogg, I'm following your blog.

    Bye and thanks.

  4. Jorge Morales Donoso19 July 2011 at 16:31

    Muy buen trabajo ¡¡ gracias.
    Nose si entiendes el español , de todas maneras te dejo mi blog

    SEE U.

  5. Gracias de que? Soy de España, me gusta mucho tu blog. Como has visto los nomadas ddel viento? Por favor sigue este blog.