Saturday, 23 July 2011

Last monday...

I went with my mum to look for some beauty houses near the mountait, well, in one moment I listened a group of Bee Eaters, well we pass with the car near they. Then, I listened the same song and there were the same group of Bee Eaters, but this time really near, and I have got some really nice pictures for my age I think, That experience was so good! Ok, make a comment for what do you think about this photos. Please!


  1. Yot are really a little expert. I'll follow your blog since now.
    Thank you and enjoy yourself.

  2. Good pictures of some birds who are pretty hard to photography.
    Say hi to Cristian from me.

  3. Good photos!! Keep working like this! Cristian

  4. Hello from Germany. Just finished the Scotland trip with ten bimbos ;)
    How are you doing?
    PS: Hello Cristian :)

  5. Hi Nico, could you send me a list of some bimbos you made, please? I'll tell you one thing by e-mail ok? Well, se ya!

  6. Hi Alex, I sent you my list, it should be on your mailbox.