Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ringing in Riet Vell with Cristian Jensen

Last Saturday, I went to a ringing in riet vell, I took a friend (Joan Pere), he was really excited. Cristian pass to take us in my house. When we arrive, we put the nets and when we were puting its, a Reed Warlber fall in the nets! Then we took it and we left, after (one hour) we go to the nets, there were some reed warbler and some great reed warblers. We ringed its and then we went to the nets again, there were two tree sparrow, and the other birds were great reed warblers and reed warblers. Then, after ring it, we left to the nets and there was a surprise, there was a common starling. He puts to scream and we couldn't stop him. All the Other thing were great reed warblers and reed warblers.
                                                                        Some Photos:

The people

Great Reed Warbler

Tree Sparrow

  • Starling

Reed Warbler (Funny Reed Warbler)

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