Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Swallows in my garden.

These are swallows from last year, I just share them, because I think the pictures ara fine. Its were taken in my garden. Well, I hope you will enjoy these pictures. Comment what do you think please! 

Fuuu, mayday mayday! 

Oh false alarm.


  1. It's nice that you have them to visit your garden. Try to make more birds to come

  2. Thanks Cristian, I'll try to make more birds to come to my garden:D

  3. Hola Alex!!!!!!
    Com va tot?
    Feia molt de temps que no parlàvem!
    Espero que tot vagi bé. Molt bones les fotots.
    No sé on seràs la primera setmana de setembre però jo estaré del 3 al 11 a Riet Vell de voluntari. Potser ens veiem.
    Saluts Cristian!